Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The Seperatist

The Ethiopian looking lad
Plays with the
English Rose
With a basketball
The pale and pasty
Sunbathe and gossip drop
While the dark Irishman
Chats holidays with
The Antipodean lady
And the estate dog
Sniffs the Georgian housed
Near the grassy couple
Hotly aroused
As the young black lads
Sip brandy and tunes
Whilst laughing at
The owd cockney geezers
Wheezy jokes
While one of the kids folks
With the Moen Ali beard
Shouts praise for the
Scooter race
The Mohammad Ali
Raises the bar
And old friends embrace
Next to the
African cup of nations
Five a side final.

The only one
Unrepresented here
Is the separatist.
They have their own park
And believe me,
It's shit.

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