Saturday, 28 March 2020

Strangler's Attic (triple tanka)

Once charming, now pre. 
Dicting the next passage, my
Cohabitee was
alarming me, to the point
this Arm, dressed up it's own sleeve. 

There in cussed dust, laid
under the bed, hid monsieur. 
Connoisseur of some
stagnant and dangerous thought, 
Let out on a day's reprieve. 

Needling through
the thing that lingered last, cast
there in danken fluff, 
was the glint overcoming, 
that ever enough, to leave. 

Thursday, 26 March 2020

C1 B1

The crow owns the street, the one
and only cock of the Tarmac.
A fella's breathless happy with
His Mexican double twelve pack.
The shop stop 'keeper can do without 
His twopeneth or bottles back.
The price per panic in the Nisa, sees
the coughshop hipsters all on slack.
So, let's put on our spandex, stay twee
and have a little queue-up shall we?

You Don't Know What You've Got 'Till You've Not

Idiocy is catching, mate. It's everywhere. Hope

if I leave the house I won't be… how will I know?

If I'm already idiot? Gather other maybe idiots,

nuts, places safe. In a loop, a swinging parklot, a

streetfood hotspot. We'll stay close, self-lop noses

and posing truffling snouts, safe away from non-

idiots and check each others' profiles out.

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Homework 🎓💬🕵🤖👻💣 Poem

"Tech Dat Deck o'Cards!"
Ivy's ghostpoker poise
wasn't holding well
The flopover mortarboard
made molarscrunch
Turns bomded
the baize & past
The Privatetick
sold speeches
down the river
& all-in
The Yellafella
was never betta

Sunday, 22 March 2020

If You Want It That Way

If You Want It That Way

The think tank is on three for fire,
two for desire,
The man in the RNLI suit say:
‘Lookout snout, you’re in thefuckingway’.

Stoved! The gull's headin. Apart
from the ticknicker of a presumed heart, 
he would've bandyknees, pecker. Say,
fivepound’s worth, if you weigh it that way.

In time, the rye and why
swarled the ventricles of his heart.
Ached an eye to these organmouth days. Why
oust this last mistake?

Enforce five weather, why? 
In retirement, the elders, say
at piecerate, playedfair in everyway!

Belowbelt, Ed fired. 
Aboveboard, said I. My desire
to throw the tide rightfuckin in, was livin a bit late.
Livid dictum, seemed to betheway. 

Of allus pettyband apart,
we meant to pourway these threecourse dynasties, yeah... 
Naturally two left rightover distance,

us cousins saluting the O, leaving the know, 
ledging the fight to butter me

up, but a cup, or dozen - if you want it that way.

Saturday, 21 March 2020


On this cavity day
the roof he raised
wanted fixing sharp-like.
His mouth deserted
theatre, appropriate,
as all his plays were shite.

Friday, 20 March 2020

A Flight of Tanka

Roots stop you falling
Over in gusts of mean world
Syndrome permaink
Dries home like you knew you should
Have done it over the sink