Thursday, 1 December 2022

orange sauce


december descends as a
sitcom spiv / a fluffeup duck on dogends / allegrobrown / addictive

Thursday, 10 November 2022



the taxi shouts growth, prospect, in a

well fed font as the councilpavers speak.

he's stunted. hides his tins in bins by the

magistrates' thinks

rumthoughts and his scousedream of a

pitchedroof where he was slickhaired n' flying.

an overstock of pigeons round the flattyre of a

delivercycler outside the frenchpatisserie. see,

this chain is very far from a hérmés scarf on a

fourinch calf. moving on.

I will not be watching the highlights later. I will not

be attending church. In this age of

scruffvegan, we'll be suffering, st stephen, at

highbury kfc. in the plunder he licks lips at

mannequins, quarrelcots and bijoubins to piss in.

a neatly tied bag in the caress of dewy wings

on the corner by the bizzies, twitches. still

some cats call this living.

Sunday, 11 September 2022










Monday, 29 August 2022



The tide is nigh and the sea

is wasted, bottling the message with

the shrapnel of sirens' songs.

The graffiti reads of effigies and

spent laments to Barnacles,

the god of clinging on.

Pastoral Crisis


there’s a pastoralcrisis behind the oldblackbull / to the

left of the rustingtroughs ablaze with daffs / to 

the right of scaffboardplanters and the head 

ache of chipfat / with a hawthorn back drop to a 

starlingdrama / the clatteringshed and haynes manual diarama / the missing stork up the tele 

pole / a lack of superfastupdates for outreached climategoals / to the front the cuckoospit and the 

roastingday / a weatheredfence punts two shirts / one denim / sleeveless / oilynicked with some

duffeighties metalpatch / one jermyn street / all pinstripepink and cuffed the colour of 

ducklinghatch / bellows of incomers fan the

sterlingkindling of nouveaubatch / there’s gags of 

landworkers / v / air bandb upstarts / there’s

scrumpypint bets / prescratched / going 

cheekandjowl with the rosetattoos for this 

decider / a late and baresummer knuckle match

Monday, 18 July 2022

sausage sandwich


on a chipolata for 10 / we quiz on the

panel / we squeeze in the

phonein / we salt up the flannel

we arrange the condiments to

keep onside as / we spy on the

stationcaff floor / a left luggage label

that states

no / it's not yours

unpackaged in the

slyproject / the human face of

animal byproduct / tested up in tubes and

served on 


but we ain't met saintpeter yet / we're all



as we

flag in the fall / the presenter wets up with

the price is right / and the choice is yours

insource /

outsource /

or no source

at all