Saturday, 30 September 2017

Eagle shit's no good for roses

Eagle shit's no good for Roses
The neat neat neat
Rows and rows is
Seeds to grow
Appear as
Helicopter shots
Of marching trots 
In sight
Still black with white effort
Feed the 
The new breed
They say no-one enjoys what
But girl!
And boy!
The clout!
These shoots are for the top corner
Leaves leave
Green keepers no chance
As arm in arm
Sway dance in soil
Fertile from the soot of
Past fires
Before the eyes
Let freedom ring
With a weed killer blast
For growth in spirit
Not tin economics
Fighting cats
With hot placed sonics
And water
The audience
With the cries what oughta
Our daughters fought a
Cataclysmic burial 
Of nuts
As standing firm
In the firm of the crowd
The numbers
Not ifs or buts
Away day fouled 
The dug out turfs out
Turnovers proud
With produce
Of apples
That are more than
Worth owt
Will produce
Our worth
In laboured fruit
Dig it kids
For victory
It is
We dig

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