Monday, 11 September 2017

I've Got Edge

I’ve got edge.
Not my collar
You are feeling,
More the screw head
On which I’m kneeling.
I’ve got edge.
Not by pseudo-
Energy drinks manufacture,
More trimmed
By Major, May and Thatcher.
I’ve got edge.
Not after blinds
Are raised,
Dealer button shifted,
More after
Free bar,
Spirits lifted.
I’ve got edge.
Not thanks to the
Map of the
Manor House maze,
More the map
Out the ground, in a haze.
I’ve got edge,
Not white cliff over,
Not chalked up,
More frightened divers’ soul, I’ve
Got edge.
Not a madding sword,
More the madness
I swear, I saw.
I’ve got edge.
Not racing line,
Performance enhanced disgrace,
More the descent
Of hill, the dissent
To be faced.
I’ve got edge.
Not to second,
More to where
Forth reckoned,
Should’ve been.
For the edge is,
The best place to see,
Not to be seen.
I’ve got edge.
A thick,

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