Sunday, 3 September 2017

Dock Tarn Duck School

If it’s possible
For them to look
Then gander at
This orange billed
Native naive grebo
Of Dock Tarn

Not shy to greet
The solo youngster
Has yet failed to find it’s
Feeding feet

Not yet out of it's bairn colours
It's ducking and diving
And sifting of morsels
Has a wind-swept futility to it

But with persistence
Clocks our gifts
And we become
Decreasingly miffed
With aim of cake
To the game it's brain awakes
And slowly gets that
These morsels
Ain't fake
And diving gets reward

Our offerings
It sifts
From still waters lifts
It's status from dumb oddity
To graceful gobbler
We continue to launch
Some lunch
A foot in front
And slowly
Watch the poor sod
With a head dip
Until we move on
With the hope it finds
Another mother

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