Sunday, 4 June 2017

Black Cat Cross

To those, who oppose
The wind farms’ saving grace.
May you wake with a black cat,
Pissing in your face.
May the cat leave carbon footprints
On your nimby, pristine sheets,
Break into your 4 x 4
And shit all over t’ seats.

May the hedgehogs eat your guts.
May your fracking heart to burst.
If it’s all about appearance:
What the hell looks worse?
A harnesser of wind,
To slickly save the planet?
Or shitty stickers
In prissy windows,
Declaring there to ban it?

I wish you nuclear family fallout.
Forever poison, in your waters.
A pissy cursed life,
For smoggy sons and daughters.
Hope first team dreams will rot
In the unsustainable reserves.
Have your fucking ‘unspoilt’ views,
Get the planet you deserve.

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