Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Twitch a step t’ where the business class
Raise the camera atop the mast
In their closed-circuit mis-wired pride
Observing closely you and I
The underclass neath the underpass
Of the byway to the retail church
For non of faith they take the birch
Sacrificially offer gift vouchers
Blood vessels now replaced by lifts now 'cos
One arrow up, the other down
From the street up to it's lift-shaft crown
No longer built by hands of craft
The totemic shrines of steel and glass
To con the hard-earned
From thee attending mass
The regressive day out, where
Silver screen heros abseil past
As day-trippers worship
And pass the plate
Where prayers are answered
At an interest rate
Buying power muscles flex
Fingers flick the consumer catalogue
Prices index
Where shares go up and
Never fall
At the out-of-town
Shopping mall

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