Thursday, 9 June 2022

one raiser


the planner asked for extra gluten on

His scones where'd my dream go wrong? 

which spangled tattsworth produced these

melons with barcodes on? he wore his

petty grief like a set of jailor's keys –

meditating on a mcdonald's in the 

fakelush park / fair'nough babies point at 

ruinous wrens – the feat of standing on 

your owntwo / it's all ducktape gloves and

glassbars to them / a basement pa

blows off trigger warnings at 180bpm /

a youthgroup pocket their fucks and shuffle

off for superfood / anannonymous unlocks their

plastic hanging basket in the fold clutching

at clocks awaiting the slogoftheseason,

rendering walls all dankn’dangerous with


pliered eyes and linished nails / ten two

clubs on the floundering floor /

the practically purple're wakened by the

knock of dull intelligence, carrying

pixels forthe resistance,

dizzyingly, sheepishly up to the loadingbay /

a ref's whistle peels a basement window / scales

the weight of liquid opinion / Burglars!

they're probably claiming furlough!

how's hamburg been this week? 

have youtaken himup thelane, therecent? /

alongside someother incedents of hugo

elise and thepolice, the stuff was drippingdown

his cuffs / the children sing incircles a microdot a

microdot! as donk man's tellertabby lucks a pizza –

older and snider than archway dayl

lost to the eyebrows