Thursday, 29 June 2017

For Mrs Duckett

JCB digger
Window cleaners
An icy one
For white wine days
A pink plastic one
With matching spade
A coin collector’s
At the demonstration
One of lead
For a numb arm sensation
One with sawdust
When sick on the floor
A watery one atop a
Downing street door
A guilty milky one
Pay the farmers more
One as a hat
F’ Madchester dancers
One full of coffee
For the Starbucks wankers
A firey red one
Full of sand
A coaley brass one
Filled by yer gran
A scruffy blue one
Full of tools
One full of glitter
F’ us clowns n’ fools
One to piss in
When you need it badly
A holey one,
Dear Liza Radley
Two words
For the tickets
You can't resist, yes
It's my fucking
Bucket list

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