Saturday, 26 December 2020

Spoilt Victorian Dwell

 Spoilt Victorian Dwell

the Raumkunst biscuit the upper tiers swell

the sleeveless deport their underwhelm

the Engs regard the slightest duff

and we ain't livin' too well

the Trappists take the monk out themselves 

the Goat kid's all time ever done before 1904

and was never on the form 

this will be our first and everlast

and the scene's an earsplit

blah blag blag four x never end 

and the courtesy's paid and the council tax is paid

and the indifference in the system is flushed down

waylaid decency pissed out at a frequency

that the bend can't take 

and the soil pipe is full of all our mashed swedes

and nobody's making these prescriptions anymore

if I knew then I had to live here

I'd have burnt my own cake

ring the alarm it's the sound of crying

base drum wi' a barrel o' vera nearer

and the tunes are proper shite

on a leathering to pay for paper thin up all night

with all over smite grate up cell block H

it's biscuits no one's dipping in bi-perennial arrest nest

sculpt this say I'll see you pin drop

in the bottom of the loch if monstrous well away


was always coming

old castle

the king's gone mad and free again and

vulnerable as wall-chips are we

in these tin pot dwellings

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