Thursday, 22 October 2020

say it with powers

the coldpitch changeroom

custardkeen brewroom

skunkeye vapedew

buswait stopshower

the lanyardstaffed airb'loon

overhoured thumbscrew

'spitalport softshoe

teacakesn' whiskysour

the ginnelwait thankyou

highpharma fixchew

stagnight dresszoom

vancrewlane allower

the barbervisor fatchew

topred starrunes

boilerbreak fitflue

carcussed ticketrower

the kidspicked smokebloom

satnight taxqueue


fifthfloor ourshower

the releasegate datedue

scaffpole swearstrew

leafbattle leanbroom

groutwait napnappypower

the candrrop parkfume

resimeeting absentclue

hopepin horsehoe

indigre sponsehour

the trainstacked legroom

notifate deliverscoots

rehearsallast scriptloom

cleaningthese emptytowers

the busback autotune

dogstick facemoon

pensionsave pintnoon

'alfan'alfan' sweetan'sour

the frinight hairgroom

overhung footballfume

allplotn’glower inthesereal

corridors of power

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