Wednesday, 21 October 2020


 inthe dysprosiumrush

of twentytwentytwo

cowboypoppets asked

sirisqualid for direction

vapesignalled ghettowords

in a virtuous hush theyhad

royalor kitchensink names

they toasted onelong screengrab

aforetheygo ofthe first third

ofthe richlist phonepaper behind

paywalls stunned horoscope

handy withan inconsistent h drop

in ponchostrainers in a

stunshow selfaware before

the barrenscape of some

oneelse’s land these knowalls

’ganic inthe halflife rode

to town with barbwireincentive

wore achingmacs reignfaced they

hung ‘stainable trainers overwires

to make tribes relevant again they

marketably parked their

nespessomachines circled

between the lawhouse and studgame

opposite theplaylist and never

oncewonderedwhy the wall

towalltowall locals hated these

thickand sunday youth in over

sized jogpieces carrying

collateral coffee in culturally

signifying queuewear pretending

tobe unbranded these shavekitters

stillbore amerisitcom voices stil

lwith broad suplements of recorded

music theyhadnopart in picturing

acemetery functionary shots

forthe slideshow ofa nouveau

trailerpark hauteboy reek proving

you can leadyour device to charger

butyou cannot make it sync 

lootingdone off theyrode and

onthe barshelf left 49 copies of 

howtoberight but about it

go so so so fuckingwrong

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