Thursday, 31 August 2017



The eagle covers
Eyes with shame,
As ruling vultures
Pick bones and blame.
Line up your trees,
Line up your judges,
With catholic rollers,
With rhetorical fudges,
As spite pours from hate spouts
They state;
‘For you lot, we have our uses:
You will, in numbers,
Ideological abuses’,
With ancient wood
Burn’d power,
In constitutional corridors
Comes forgone responsibility.
As rights opaque, transpires,
Become kindling for ruling pyres.


Amass, the Caring Class,
With candles, songs of hope,
For surprises, can be realised,
Away from t’ gaze of
Press and Pope,
The collective noise
In town and village grows,
Pan/Pani Europe,
The reach does flow…
A deafening role of
Charges jump off,
For those in charge,
The definition
Of representation,
From it's
Dusty dictionary, is woken.
For spirits jump off shelves
With proof!
It’s the people
That have spoken.


Light up the skies
With freedom cries,
With flags unfurled
‘Gainst believe-d liars.

Stick and slogans slick
We stick,
Noses, where not wanted.
We take to streets
With pleasure, wanton.
We pressure measure
Tar and vulture feather
With our protest hats on.

Victory today,
Sup merry, we mack.
For we, the many
Are the straws,
But wary,
For t’ camels

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