Thursday, 31 August 2017

Diamond Geezer

Diamond geezer
Hatton Garden boozer,
Wants to stand
Us two, a pint.
Which is grand, but
God, he
Rabbits on about it…

He wants to do this
To reach hands ‘cross waters,
‘Cross different lands,
‘Cross cultural quarters,
To celebrate capital
And diverse habits,
And on and on and on
He rabbits...

Want to stand
With rival fans
And try an’ watch the telly.
He wants to
About the size
And shapeliness
Of business,
His over turnings,
His jewellery yearnings,
His silver 925 tongue,
With rabbits-foot
Lucky charm offensive,
He wants to tell
The boozer
He frequents, his
Acceptance of all of
Life extensive,
Rabbits, rabbits, rabbits

But then scandal!
He expresses
His staff
Give looks
Of internal grief and
Commiserationary embraces,
Hop around with looks of
Watership down
On their faces
And quietly rabbit on about it…

Not quite what he'd planned.
Which, he **** on about
For ten minutes,
Which is a bit
A bit lively,
As we drink
Our free one
In five.

His trouble is, see,
He wanted to buy a couple
Gay fellas a drink.
We may have been
Well turned out,
But to his shock
It turns out,
We ain’t.

We hare off,
And leave them to it.
And f’t’ rest of the night
Cos we see fit,
We rabbit on
About it,
A bit.

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