Sunday, 14 May 2017

After, After Noah

She's beautifully strange
She's always a-la-mode,
A David Bailey model
Quite the Queen,
Of King’s Road
A style of, fifty years
Either side o’t’ 60s,
(You think she looks good now
You should see her, come Christmas).
A welcoming one, a teacher
She’s what you might call ‘Clahssy’
The friendly face
Of re-invention;
Just occasionally arsey.
She's kitsch, she's kosher,
Consistently contrary,
Her family of catholic-size
Are hanging round St. Mary's.
Been knocking round for donkey’s,
Always on the blower,
Swapping gifts
For smiles
In retro-fitted aisles,
Eccentricity’s a grower…
Go see her sometime,
She’s getting there,
Like a Hamley’s train set,
But slower.
If you knew her,
You would love her,
But to love her,
‘Ave to
Know ‘er.

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