Tuesday, 22 March 2022

absolutely after the belarus free theatre


absolutely after the belarus free theatre /                   you can do a lot in two and half years / you can walk from here to parliament square five thousand and seventy eight times over with the coffee cup you can keep / kings side castle has to be the best move from here / you can drill through the forest deep in despair of given figs and election rigs / you can vodka / you can listen to public enemy's fight the power three hundred and nine thousand eight hundred and thirty three times / if you never sleep /            you can pickle / for twenty two thousand hours or a hundred and thirty weeks / you can drop / you can sheep for ten months / counting the dead while you bin your lids cease / you can sink / you can think that a blink is a long day in politick / you can circus fleas and smell the gas and tear up at wikipedia dates from the twenty fourth of may twenty twenty to the twenty fifth of march twenty twenty one / you can properly weep /          you can play / you can survive the lies for a two hundred and fiftieth at a sneak / you can act / you can flag / you can think on brinkmanship and puff your chest till you steep your hollow self in benzina / set alight your hair and throw yourself into the territorial creep / you can keep europe radio free / you can brine awhile / you can hand in your two thousand words probably next week / you can feed the tank / name your pet milistra / salt your slices / gve it a pat / kiss your love / set off on the incline / have a dranki in the breach /                  you can watch the dismantle and shelve the counter / you can underbuy a quarter of bitter sweets / you can tweet the protest / flounder at the voting booth / listen to the great leap forward on repeat / you can half inch a card that states dream / wish / sparkle / you can burn unknown in a vacant lot debacle / you can hip-hop / you can leap /                 you can have a will / have a beer / you can do a lot in two and a half years / you can talk to your mum all tucked in hair all thumb luck smooth and neat / you can write a tale of jail of alexander schevtsov for going to a protest / that will take an eighth of a life / or you can keep /                   schtum






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