Sunday, 8 August 2021

Wildcat Whiskey an’ a game a’ darts

he was a game of twohalves a play

in classacts a plaid salamander on a


yacht piano in a backarsed bar

the gap from trousercuff to loafer was


leathal bouncing like jerryleelewis's

bedhead splitminded scribing if


necessary violence picking violets for

his nan a d.a.’ed georgiefame on a


longsixties greyday all very kray

twinned with florence dressed texmex


newyoik rawmeat with smartsauce in a

backstreet boozer near you


guitar peccadilloes ginsweat

teardropping on his lapelbadge screaming


no requests! in any smashedfactory

window in any bigot's bureau singing


alltogethernow fly me gary

to the moon





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