Wednesday, 24 March 2021

These warnings, are trusty

These warnings, are trusty


The workers are tired,

trapped with absolute terror.

Touchy wardens, are they.

Toyed with; artists, truly

taxed, worried and torn.


Try whimsical, after ten

totalitarian weekenders, a thousand

totalling wind-ups, against tinsel

titled wankers all tucked-up

toasty, within allibaster towers.


Theiving, wherever. All tokenistic.

Triumphing worthy altruistic tendancies.

Trust. We’re all tuning

to whatever airways, trading

tik with any tok.


Tories will always try

to wantanly alienate, to

totemically wrest, auto-tune tribalism,

top-down widespread allied tabiod

toss, whenever attitudes tire.


This, when actual tradespeople

turn willingly against themselves,

taking whatever acid treaties

they will accelerate tomorrow.

Think why, allus this.


Treat without all thoughtfuness

these words - and these

three-line whipped and tyranic

tuchusleckers will always triumph.

These warnings, are trusty.


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