Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Take me Back

take me back to when

the bands’ width was narrow

cheeks were sharp and faces sallow

when the oars we rowed in calmer

waters were not for sticking in and 

points stuck less sticky then

where colours were nailed

where bouncers were nails

where paint was on nails

where walls were adorned

with paintings not arguments

where serious words forgot

song lyrics remembered ‘cos

we were made of rubber and 

bounced off pavements

stretched our necks

and necked in stretches

were stretchered off

to standing ovations when

the game was simple before

they changed the rules

took our haircuts

replaced dancing shoes

with grafting boots

swapped breezes with cares

cut from a heavier cloth

so take me back to when

the cap still fit

pints were pocket sized and

life was a piece of piss

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