Sunday, 22 March 2020

If You Want It That Way

If You Want It That Way

The think tank is on three for fire,
two for desire,
The man in the RNLI suit say:
‘Lookout snout, you’re in thefuckingway’.

Stoved! The gull's headin. Apart
from the ticknicker of a presumed heart, 
he would've bandyknees, pecker. Say,
fivepound’s worth, if you weigh it that way.

In time, the rye and why
swarled the ventricles of his heart.
Ached an eye to these organmouth days. Why
oust this last mistake?

Enforce five weather, why? 
In retirement, the elders, say
at piecerate, playedfair in everyway!

Belowbelt, Ed fired. 
Aboveboard, said I. My desire
to throw the tide rightfuckin in, was livin a bit late.
Livid dictum, seemed to betheway. 

Of allus pettyband apart,
we meant to pourway these threecourse dynasties, yeah... 
Naturally two left rightover distance,

us cousins saluting the O, leaving the know, 
ledging the fight to butter me

up, but a cup, or dozen - if you want it that way.

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