Friday, 18 January 2019


She brogue-nosed the bouncer,
Then loafed against the bar.
She brown-aled the half glass,
Wi’ pin badge mouth,
Made 5 points sharp,
Each of them blue star.
She liner-eyed the terrace band,
She cut them down
With feathered looks then
Fringe flicked the excess.
These scarf-strangled chancers
Bored her daft,
An’ her Regal hit the deck.
Moves were made checkerboard,
By the eager to embed,
The red-haired queen kept
Hers buttoned down,
As her bottoms belled his head.
Wi’ elbows back,
An’ a dog tooth smile
Drew a smoke ring,
Stood her ground
And kept things done,
Not said.

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