Saturday, 11 November 2017

An' Then It Hits (7" version)

You never get
Past delving but
I’m past delving
An’ then it hits

I’m over-dressed
As always as
Open doorways
Lend posing posts
A vantage point
To nights into
Days like these sweat
Down collared necks
Hemlines expand
Round increasing
Circles grips guts
From sprung decks that
Reflex rise from
Hammond pulpits
Stranger welcome
An’ then it hits

Soared up with damn
Pride like timber
Sport gratis points
To exchange in
Church halls civic
Duties round in
Seven rare inch
Vinyl waves with
Weightless feet light
Years away though
Some seeps like lime
Through mill stack brick
Yet some’s between
An’ then it hits

Runs like blood through
Veins this thing floods
Bites ankles slow
Like bubbles in
Cheap pints hairs rise
On new crops flex
Unbranded land
Like Nadia
Tens for two an'
'Alf ‘till four to
Floors before three
Before eight in
Crates we’re shipped weight
An’ then it hits

Engineered spun
Jen dolly drops
Honed within a
Thou’ of an inch
Non-stop train steam
Covers pea wet
Smother soup eye
Line euphoric
Smog cut sketches
Scribbet scenes of
Me aside no
Posers there’s no
Fighters jealous
Alright some glossed
Over posers
An’ then it hits

Thousand strings voice
Volcanic melt
Belts you gob wise
Martial moves clap
From floors catch a
Lowly figure's
Spotlight seven
Twenty spin sets
RPM 'cos
The sting’s the thing
Furthest from our
Within there’s nowt
Be taught but these
North Atlantic
Sweep grace of waves
An then it hits

Us off our feet
It’s valve powered
It's electric
It's brass showered
Up to necks it's
Collective it's
Life corrective
Non-standard of
Vict’ry time lag
Hearts on sleeves we’s
Raising flags t’ward
Heavens with these
Eyes n’ fists this
Never ending
An’ then it hits

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