Monday, 12 June 2017


Don't Underestimate People the
Disenfranchised Ubiquitous Proleteriat the
Dormancy Upsetting Progressives who
Declare Unquestinable Proposals these
Diverse Underdogs Propagate
Democratic Uncertainty in Parliament by
Dumping Unworthy Policies and
Demanding Upstanding Principals
Definitively Unhinge Politics by
Denouncing this Untenable Party
Demonstratively Uber-Privelidged
Difference Underlining Practitioners who
Doctor Universal Parchments with
Dictatorial Unchecked Pomposity of which
Discriminations are Upheld Pervasively with
Demonic Unedifying Proclamations
such as their
Disgusting Uterine Pronouncements 'neath
Dishonest Umbrella of Pro-life and
Dangerously Unhelpful Profestation by the
Didactively Uncomfortably Pious
Decrying Unchristian People as
Degenerate Underclass Perverts whilst
Destroying Unionised Paradigms and
Defending Underground Paramilitaries
Deploy Unethical Practices to
Demonise Underprivileged Public and
Disgrace Undergraduate Protests whilst
Destabilising Unable Population and
Doing the Utmost to Patronise the
Disabled Uneducated and Poor they
Deal in Unethical Patriotism
Dabble in Ultra Protectionism
Denying the Unsustainability of Planet with
Dogmatic Unhelpful Postulations these
Dug-in Undercover Partisans
Dictating Unadulterated Preservation of
Divisive Unpalatable Projects spouting
Diatribles Under Pressure these
Disingenuous Eulogising Pricks I
Dare Utter Polemically

That’s enough about the Tories,
What about the DUP?

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