Thursday, 8 March 2018


As white west man
It’s important
To ‘ave
Really learned a lot
An’ I’ve
Really learned a lot
As a species
These are the least bits
We can do
As the rest
Grope around
For meaning of existence
Others are existing
Only just existing
Polish slang
For nuts
For bollocks
Is 'Jajka'
Meaning 'eggs'
One egg
Two eggs
Hard boiled
Wi’ fellow soldiers
Hard boiled
We toast our might
Hard boiled
After all
Eggs is eggs right?
This an apology
There’s an anthology
A massive book
With a massive cock n’ balls on it
There’s an important
Question ‘bout our
World’s behaviour
It’s fine
For you to think
We duck it
Because we’re in charge
White west man
‘Cos we want to stay in charge
White west man
All we say is
“Fuck it”

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