Saturday, 17 March 2018

Frying Time

It’s frying time,
Down the learning
Business takeaway.
Chips are laid down
The only hand
Shakes are of the bottle
Just a lot of old sauce,
An’ plenty on…
‘Cos let’s face it,
it’s just a
Salt-rubbed gravy chase.

The sausage thought is:
There’s no
Currying of favour
Terms are
Pulled out the freezer.
Watch ‘em crackle, they say
Batter the worth
While they
Let the over-paid
And over-paying
Dominate the flavour
Of this puddin’

Let ‘em get chippy,
They say.
Let ‘em tackle
Little packets
Of hire purchase ketchup,
‘Tween their teeth,
Then feel the squeeze.
Microwave the reduction in
Portion size,
Watch ‘em eat it,
With this wooden,
Two pronged attack.
Let pride be mushed, again
Again, but Bigga!

They’re pickling the
Human learning institution
Again today.
The counter jar may scold,
But again today,
It’s served up, cold,
It’s served up late
In yesterday’s paper,
Or reconstituted
Plastic plate.

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