Saturday, 17 February 2018

The Man in the Big House Say

The man in the big house say:
“Wanna make a mug museum
Treat workers there like mugs,
And charge good folk to see ‘em.

So I can buy another big house,
My moral mausoleum.
‘Cos everyone in velvet seats
Loves the bloodlust coliseum.

I’ll sell the salty popcorn,
Apply it t’ wounds I make,
Charge the earth for squashed coffee bean
For my bigger slice o’cake.

Consumers will lap it up,
Shareholders’ll party hard,
Heavy rollers roll on
When punters tap their cards”

He replicated the blueprint,
Waved it round the gaff,
Injecting habit with ignorance
With a loop-hole for a strap.

So, I say
Cut off the soda stream
Hit ‘em where it aches
They reckoned on us
Taking it
Lying down
Which was not
The first
But the biggest
They reckoned on us
Taking it
Lying down
Not the first
But biggest

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