Sunday, 28 February 2021

Excuse me, I am an apple


Do you need a horse?

I need a book

Are you listening to this man? 

I have small apples

I do not have more juice for you 

Our fish is wearing a shirt

Our duck likes water 

The dog does not write 

The man leaves mushrooms in the restaurant 

I am a horse 

I do not know anything about you

Your solution is impossible

Our generation drinks coffee

A decade is not a second

I remember this boring party 

Your generation is not good

I see my ceiling

I am behind the door 

It is because of you 

I am a horse

I am not going to the party because I am dirty

I am looking for a short, young man

Why do you have a job? 

I am an artist, not a policeman

I like my long socks

My violet plates are dry

Your green trousers are dry

I am a horse 

I am selling metal and plastic things

I am carrying a cat now

This is my enemy

If he drinks, I eat

I am not a good person

I am looking for a new group of friends

This cheese is completely green

This is not fear, this is hatred

An animal is not a thing

Blood is red like wine

Hatred is the cause of his failure

Where is my next bottle?

I am clean

I am not cheerful,

Even though I am drinking wine

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

They do not want you to play with something

His parents do not have a swimming pool

Is this really your family?

Usually I am not sad

I like my village

We cook in a different way here

The cat quickly cuts tomatoes

Let’s show him, who the boss is here

Why is he standing so far away from us?

You have blood on your hands!

We are from the foundation

Our society does not read books

Do rich people eat sandwiches? 

I do not like this dress, but I wear it

This is not my decade

I am still a policeman

I am somewhere here

I am a horse

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