Saturday, 26 December 2020

Busted Chad

 Busted Chad

the city to the smalltown to the outskirts

to the poshbit to the outskirts bus I

brings chef's offwhites in a chipfat bag

after a coupleofimports afterwork to a 

frailfaced man with uncertainbeard tothe

Pelicanhotel stop and the banging and the 

bag 'eads won't leavethe poor unstabbed

alone and my privileged solace stops 

between towerpastels and busbeeps and

they's always askin for a fiver more 

and the lift dunt work to the fifteenth floor

and he's off a pensionloan summary, a 

sadeyed triedandtested, all his working,

a patient, a forgiving giver, rattlingpills for

his ticker, a fella who just wants to shut his

own front door. 

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