Sunday, 11 October 2020

A Clark's Job


count these bongwanters onan iffy

yomp habitual acetatefaced these

clocktied ruddchop beaters of 

a panel discussion eggclipped

talkshowhosts heehoohair and

a twatsjacket tradecard pluckers


timestwo kettle bellend structures

emerging telephone dirtfuckers

preacheth toomuch lookingback

quickwaz cottageindustry captains

giveit youcan stitch thatup pointingdown

there from a flatview roof tilehurst

fangtastic contributes for a panel

beatshow time for a game of carpool

discodrought machinepainted

nudes ofyou on afrock in agalleryshop


timestwo tablemotions of

dancingpon us inthebear betwear

camogartered facedbrick halfcuts with

footballplaque toplevel sarkclappers

that gowell only with chipsn'grief pudding

basinbarnet flagtoothed misers of

the ostrich order don'tpullyourbonce

outhe sandtime for a merrydown

saidthe signeyed prospector lifting

breadwins to sell later at the tien'pin

club is therub sellus tins of colourgreen to

saltpeter paint ourlips for imprints inside 

inconclusivemasks tapeto tapers as

the trousercut navyfiltered newsreel

is a dancd by nerveboys in a

coldshit church hall

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