Friday, 24 July 2020

Between the 10th and 11th

we've all got to die of something lowers her
medical to toke a goldspot mint he thinks 

in eraserhead t passing drink bin sought
at nearest corner shop doorway dropped forthe

next test & therest & the compressed & the
foldedbits of tree are fellasigned withsome

deadeye sympathycards are toastrack 2 4
1 punched sequentially on 3 cherrywines 

for his bandit self for partaking in the
racingpost sideways movementdays of hanglow

forburden clockcrabs carrying their own bags
as children corn of plaster see the dinner

teachers uncover uncooked rus'lers' burgers
dogs upround the queuesports wearers who takeon

forselves freeballs on cushions carry two by
pass theman in the triplechip boardsocks gran

in the ironed mask meet the seagulls don'tcome
for free you'refacedwithgod bruv you'refacedwithgod 

everything you do you'refacedwithgod

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