Thursday, 16 April 2020

Gobwork Clock

Brace yourselves three times a day.
Do not wait for an appointment.
Salivate at maximum rate.
Don't buy mouthwash.

These socks will knock their ownselves off. 
This badge is kicking it right fucking out.
This hat is not a communist threat.
This protest is not a tick, cock.

This is not a wind-up.

These shoes may be bourgeois affectation,
But these teeth are mobile factories,
These fillings are miner's craft, 
This floss is weavers' work, 

This dance is diff'rent. 

Handed words tonguing flyered gums, 
Petitioned thoughts that breech, 
The dam of speech from
This damn mouth.

Clock it. 
This movement is fucking knockout. 

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