Monday, 23 December 2019

Another Taproom Passing

Another taproom passing 
Does not a poem make

Solid cabbies weeping
Another vacant space

Figuring the question inn
So beery asks another devastate

   Why you so upset? 

The reply described football style
By another commentate

   He owed me hundred quid! 

(It was then remembered 
Who he was 
Gob the size of the home end
Watch the price of a car
Landlady's clock
Around the head
For singing wrong songs
A name remembered
But yours forgotten
The partisan would anthem
Without full stop)

Therefore scored 
All laughter in his wake

As community shield's are
Played for keepers' sake

Offside the grief
The thing with tethers 
Feathers all nests
In willows break

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