Monday, 29 July 2019

The Sham New Tuppenny Waltz

The mafia waiters
The shoehorn marked foreign

Boxing Matilda with
Not much to go on

As Vladimir Eatwell is
Toasting the sink

I'm in t' cleavage of rain
With the boys on the brink

While def’rence presides over
The classes will clink

How plastic and trite
Sycophantic we think

As the wig n’ the gown set
Tug off their peers

We pick up our teeth from
The blood and the beer

And the man in the fox suit
Is pissing his sides

Claims corporate constructs
Do pretty our skies

Vacant in all sense that
Nobody’s home and they’re

Pointing their best points
With fingers of foam

At the bears and the bulls game
Getting pregnant with paws

But our talons lack sharpness
With no release clause

As gaffes trill’ion penny
Fly by unchecked

We’ve damp on the walls
There out of respect

As the bricks that we throw
Only ripple the pond

We still roll out the carpets for
These budget James Bonds

In make-up that’s fulsome
And grinning like plums

So declare y’self pointless
If sat on yer bums

All waving at pictures ‘cos
There isn’t no sound

For these scarves are for tying
But not that way round

As the queuers they queue
Cos that’s all they have got

And drink down the rainbow
Piss missing the pot

As the strawberries flower
In the fields of uncouth

They sew in the labels
In the clobber of youth

And toasters post toasting
Are thrown in the bath

And we all fall on someone
Under austere attack

'Cos the blisters of kickers
Are red raw like knives

And the jack boxes clever
In these times of our lives

But the circles decrease
As you get near the front

As peace passed us last week
And chinned us the brunt

‘Cos bands are tuned auto
Any fight left absconds

We despise all their success
But still sing their songs

As the bass it gets louder
And trebles come thicker

We’re freezing to death but
Still dance in our knickers

'Cos deference paid to
Is sanity lost

Your 20p sunshine
Will headline the cost

When it suits them to sell more
We’ll lap it up quick as

Incumbents get thicker
The sicker get sick as

They bruise the accused an'
Establish who’s fault

If we paint ourselves wallflower
We comply this assault

As the 45s spinning now
Fire off like Colts

We all dance the Sham
New Tuppenny Waltz

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