Wednesday, 15 May 2019

When We Fall We Thunder

In our black and tiresome writ,
our right to work kicks back,
aches our whack, takes 
our breath in seams. We’re grateful
temp’ry, to not death walk,

candle shrouded, brow-beat n’ punished.
On rotten beams as bones we lean,
til we’re back with brand tattoos 
on strong arms, raising the alarm
‘cos under brace or baton,

When we fallwe thunder. Beware.
Our dust gets bloody everywhere.

Into every home we creep,
where fires burn, heart yearning,
fair’s all we seek. Cough a pittance ‘to
handkerchiefs you’d mek us wave.  
Grave-faced cage-encased, we drop beneath.

For you are tall, tower o’er us all,
brag dissidence decreed.
For warmth n’ life n’ industry we bleed,
face with bare fists drawn, y’ever growing
dusk swords drawn. Believe,

When we fallwe thunder. Beware.
Our dust gets bloody everywhere.

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