Monday, 3 September 2018

The Tax Collectors

I sometimes avoid
The tax collectors
It’s not that I don’t want to
Pay the tax
I just don’t always
Have the cash
I know where they sit
I know where they stand
Where they wonder
I feel relief when they aren’t there
Then I ponder
I worry
What if they haven’t
Collected enough tax
And for weeks they haven’t
Collected enough tax
And now they can’t
Collect tax anymore

I assume
To make myself feel better
That they’ve collected
Enough tax and
Everything’s ok
They can sleep maybe
They’ve found work lines maybe
That doesn’t
Involve being on the street
Collecting tax
Let’s say

Don’t get me wrong
I’m happy to pay my tax
I wish I could pay it all
I wish the best
For those who collect -
Some of the most positive people
I’ve met
They just have to collect tax
So have a bad rep
But like most taxpayers
I do what I can
With the only resentment
That those who
Can the most
Don’t the most

Some are violent
Towards tax collectors
Get a job
They say
But if real tax was organised
In the right way
There’d be no need
For more
Tax collectors
Down every street
Down everyday

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