Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Nice one, Cyrille

An early early football
Memory sticks
Silver small time screen
When the unfancied
Cup upstarts
Beat the fancy Dans
At the heart and
The head of this team
This fearsome gentleman

I’d no grasp at ten
Of what was black
And what was white
But when
The foul and factious was
Back when
The boos and bananas were
The mark of the man
They couldn’t mark was
To take that abuse
Peel the layers
Reveal truths hard
And with a thumbs up
A melting grin
Bite off it’s ugly head
Then from 30 yards
Put any game to bed

To lay the paths
For those
Who had the grasp
All too concrete
Of what was black
And what was white
Against all the hate
For all he’d done
Nice one Cyrille
Nice one

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