Wednesday, 1 March 2017

16 Artists, 13 Masterpieces and 1 Art School Mod, Against The Cuts

They rip and tear,
Like the top of
Clifford still’s “Ph-950”
The swines, with Lichtenstein's
Fire their “ Torpedo… Los!”
Their darts through the hearts of the arts
And put up strong bars like
Franz Kline's “Mahoning”,
But we ain't just moaning,
We're effectively angry.
So, replace the red mist with
Pollock’s "Lavender Mist",
For without art,
The is no life,
We just exist.

With Francis bacon’s "Figure in Movement”,
We are all figures in this movement.
So take action to the nation's
Ruscha's "Standard Station"s
And cause sensation.
Make the transition from
Boxing position
And raise that fist in the air
Lowry’s got “A Fight” for what's fair
As Marcus Harvey’s “Myra”'s
Hand-printed on new fivers
Mary Jane Ansell's  "Georgie”
Innocently looks on
We're making art, not war
With these protest songs,
We're dropping Ron English,
Muck Rock grafitti bombs.

Use Renoir's “The Umbrellas”,
To shield from directors’ cuts,
Kathe Kolwitz’s wood cuts.
But unlike "Die Freiwilligen",
We're volunteering for a proper cause,
We're marching for a proper cause,
Before Constable’s "Haywain"
Stays broken down,
Beware Turner's coming clouds,
Stand tall, stand proud
With Peter blake and take a
"Self Portrait with Badges”
We stand with practitioners, painters,
Assistants, curators,
Sweeper-uppers after artists,
Gallery bed-makers
And those of common ilk
And create a
“Series of Small Fires and Milk”

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