Friday, 17 February 2017

Trying To Get On

Trying to get on

The mythered mother
With 5 pristine kids
And glowing skin
And a weeks worth
She's trying to get on

Our Continental cousin
With Jackson Pollock pants
And polite manner
On his 3rd job today
He's trying to get on

The sad eyed fella
With his sadder eyed terrier
The moon faced child
With the eyes of a
Whistful tune on a ballaleika
Trying to get on

The students
The skivers
The fold-up bikers
Unaffordably housed
Facebook likers
The 'Jams', The 'Neats'
Acronymoniously explete
As they try to get on

The dandy in aspic with his
Flea market sideboard
Today, has little chance
Of getting on

The unencarserated
Freshly free
Fare blagger with
JD breath
Really wants to start getting on

The Sports direct bag
Packed with China's finest
The size of it's rented room
Clinging to its owner
Is trying to get on

The Surinam Arsenal fan
Head to toe in Emirates clobber
Is getting on with
Philipino nurses with massive purses
And men without vans
Drummers without bands
Whistlers without songs
All trying to get on

Mothers with hankies like super soppers
Classical students with precious
Cargo who will apologetically,
Offer their seats
Are trying to get on

The mothers,
The brothers
The potential lovers
Not "them and us"
Not "us and others"

And those with noses out of phones
Or max volume hands-free calls home
Pick up a Metro
As they are getting on

But despite the free paper
Propaganda droppers
The Tory rag-trade
Headline shockers

Despite all this
We are all just
Trying to get on


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