Monday, 25 July 2016

O! To be, respectably...

O! To be, respectably
Voting organicratically.
While slogans on the products be
Industrial tagged chic-ery.
Named by Co-op dictionary.
And yours for mere 6 grand fee!
You buy, so good, but not for he;
Who's budget is your nuts for tea.

All-in more togetherly,
Wrestling we bequeathedly,
Resting on 'wor Laurie Lee.
We wish we such could claim to be
Owt as worth t' humanity,
While gorging cheddar cheesily.
Crispy cutlet cutlery,
Wi' knives a ' thrown blindfoldely,
On unknown wheels territorially.
Advantage took now wombling free
Droning on mysteriously,
Bermuda-style trigonometry...
Chalk duster flies. Animosity!
But kills the kid, anonymously.

Sisters' brothers' Europa league,
Tables motions secondary:
To pay the teachers more to be
Pointing out necessity.
For this is what we finally
Glean, deserve, anti-socially.

"Pull out o' there" (expectedly)
England says, then we'll see.
But watch! The signs point eagerly,
For non-observance just could be
Some disaster-film shit-storm-ery.

Lest drain the water from t' lily!
Impression I get, habitually.
Impastoral Imperically
Gauche gouache used liberally.
Colouring blanks so messily,
Connecting dots of society.
We preen and flounce habitually,
Forgetting past grandmotherly
And aunties on the family tree.
For which we now extract the pee
And use for numb-skullduggery.

Alas, stone-type-set 'tis to be.
Deciders deciding, bawdily.
Tripping, stumbling, collectively.
Rumbling, tumbling, blindfoldely.
Tears of sorrow, hold our knee.
Scuffed and bust we are all be,
But, who loves and cares now matronly?

Me and this nurturing tree.

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