Saturday, 28 April 2018

The Maverick Always Gets a Kick

There’s a spoilt plastic bag
At Manchester Victoria
Neo-baroque station
There’s a child that kicks
The carrier of the carrier is
A black imp on the tongue
There to Faust the cerebral
Cost of thinking
Upon the blinking cock suckers
Of the sinking music scene
But before all of that
There is drinking
To be done see
Taken down the sideline
On the record plugger’s pitch
The maverick always gets a kick

Side step the side part in the
Play of the one man show
As Janet forgets her cosmetic panic
The lip sticks the vowed spits
And bastes with a deft brush
The chicken thought that
Life is like a shiny bar
Set to high where
Pints are underdone
The vapours are indoors
Crime Watch on the box
Extractor buzz in your head
They are keeping this pub alive
They are keeping this pub dead
For what fascistic purpose is it
The maverick always gets a kick

Straight out the bath
He soaked up Fridays
Past street signs you never saw
Peeled to reveal bingo Jesus
A comparison formed
On the daytime night shift
Manchester City Centre
Bus back this
Chimneyed nastic narcissist town
Piss poor councillors
With thumbs disappointing down
Hard on his heels
Watches worms that question mark
Waltzes Piccadilly
With beer in each mitty proves
The maverick always gets a kick

Meanwhile in the brick house
Irish sisters compete in the
Under table tournament
It’s a half appreciated half won
He’s hip to it if you are
And they love too
And he could dance
And he didn’t read the book list insist
Or pass the cosy right to left wrist
But put the rum in his tea
Pulled a flea from his ear
‘Cos the pervy servers
Didn’t serve him right
‘Cos it’s a stomach song
What makes him tick
The maverick always gets a kick

Better flock down
Better flock down
To the Bierkeller where
There’s a fella on fire and
White as lighting in a
Black lit brown ale basement
With a delivery that chins you
Don’t know the records
But I’m fucked if I’m arsed ‘cos
It’s electric town hall crap tonight
It's tight it's shite
It's one-man highlight
It’s amped up 12 round beat carousel
Not for him though he's not well
As he exits stage right out of it
The maverick always gets a kick

To the third class post carriage
Where cowboys’ letter are
Read with spurs out the door
Over ravines of sycophants
It’s the rift that keeps on living
As he loco takes the green motive
Drinks the long game
Plays the wrong draught
In the nailed on industrial tryst
On the scoot run M62
It’s lay jam on this
Stockpot pyramid scheme
Chipping miles away
Chipping sodding miles away
At a cheap speed they tick
The maverick always gets a kick

To the unfair hotel morning
He Ray Stubbs his cigarette
Steps over the enemy lamenters
Into the bright Brighton daylight
Plastic bagged to the bikers bar
Chuck darts at the bassist
Poisoned peanuts out of order
Complementary fags
Machine mannequin man-o-war
Insert to continue
Invading the space expensive
In there it’s rubbish
And flair is punished
Rid us the unflummoxed
Pox artists
The maverick always gets a kick

Says the damp record
Damp damp record
Incarcerated thoughts
Are behind the bar with
Lids that lift to reveal bills
That are unpaid eyelids as the
Man hole heavy covers band
Plays the ache of lonely trips
For a cup of cold escapist sick
Rabid for the vapid
Bruise coloured dreams
In unarmed pits
Raised by megaphone
Greco Roman myth-o-logists
The maverick always gets a kick

When all the jobs are done
The toothy bawd
And barrel smiled have
Shot to the corner
To form a cartoon jazz band
To tot up scores
To compare legacy
To examine cause as
The telly screen shouts
The staccato oddball
Vidiprinter slurs
Late kick off
Late late kick off
The result about the loved
The admonished fits
The maverick always gets a kick

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