Monday, 16 March 2020

A Theatre of Bream on a Bike

Nice scarf she said
100% synthetic I said

Like Jubilee doors squeezed
from tubes to stop the falling 

Queen that bloody referee yeah
He's a stitchedup var right one

The review read four star and
the unleaded pencils tookover 

The Spencertracy takeaway 
noted the Tuesday night breakout

Grove the spinningdicks cut south
Waxed their extraneous gout

Borders and Guardas pandered
Nuns pistolwhipped the tripdown

the lane called St. Louis Memory
sweetjazz had lost its charm

The theatreposters were all racist
The largeman in the toilet was

offering a goodkicking for a quid
Sunderland snakes played an 8 bot

game named Fuck the Humans
The bikerace was won by a smartdog

who couldn't even spell The War on Drugs
Listless fuckers rocked frocks

from sidetosideto side with
those who chose pegs f'noses

As the callingcurtain closed she shot
her glancingblow Fucking Sue Me Groovy

and the mice in his glassjaw
bared their arses to the world

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